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Welcome to our traditional multigenerational dental practice in the Bismarckviertel in Berlin Steglitz!

Our practice - founded in 1904 - is conveniently located right beside the Feuerbachstraße S-Bahnhof S 1 train station.

Mrs. Dr.med.dent. Rayamajhi-Rothe, Mr. Dr. Janicke, Mr. Bingen, and our family practice team welcome you to our joint practice in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere.
We provide each patient bespoke treatment, equipped with our many years of practical experience and the latest in medical know-how and technology. We always try to respond to your treatment wishes in time and with empathy. 

"There is always a whole person attached to every tooth." (Dirk Schreckenbach)

Healthy teeth not only give your bright smile vitality - but they are also important for your well-being and health. And that for a lifetime!

Apart from general dentistry, we also provide competent and careful care for our younger patients. In our practice, we use profound methods to treat gum diseases (periodontology) and take care of artificial tooth roots (implantology and prosthodontics) in a high-quality and professional way. Needless to say, we also make house visits if necessary. Your trust in us is very important to us. Patients with dental anxiety are particularly welcome in our multigenerational practice and can expect tender and gentle treatment.

For your most beautiful smile!




In order to prevent, recognize and treat serious diseases in the tooth, mouth and jaw area, we offer you the following treatments:

Regular routine check-ups & (vegan) prophylaxis

Aesthetic dental fillings (plastic-ceramic)

Inlays (ceramic/gold)

Tartar removal

Root canal treatments

Amalgam remediation and drainage

Our treatments are always preceded by need-oriented and intensive consultations.


General dentistry includes not only the treatment of the teeth but also oral and maxillofacial medicine. The focus is on the health of the teeth and the adjacent tissue as well as the aesthetics of the teeth.


Healthy milk teeth are the cornerstone of good future dental health. They have a lasting effect on the growth of the jaw, the development of the teeth and the language development of the child. Regular checks are therefore essential!



The services for the prevention and treatment of diseases in the tooth, mouth, and jaw area of our young patients include:

Children's early examinations

Playful introductory of infants and toddlers into dentistry


Nutritional advice

Fluoridation of teeth and fissure sealing

Treatment of tooth decay, pulp, and periodontal diseases

It goes without saying that we will treat your children with a lot of empathy and patience!


Periodontitis or periodontal disease is an infectious disease of the oral cavity that is often recognized late. Like tooth decay, this widespread disease can lead to tooth loss. Inflammations can settle on the jawbone, the periodontal membrane, and the cement and among other things, pose a risk for heart diseases, strokes, and premature births.



We diagnose and treat diseases of the gums and the jawbone using the following methods:

Checking the teeth for plaque and  Tartar

Measure the depth of the gingival pockets

If necessary, x-ray examination and antibiotics

regular professional prophylaxis

Actively reduce smoking, stress, unbalanced diets, and high blood sugar levels and strengthen your immune system for healthier gums.

We also offer vegan prophylaxis.


Contact us!


If teeth are attacked by caries, periodontal disease, or other injuries, it can lead to tooth loss. With the help of bridges, crowns, and other prostheses, fixed, removable, or combined tooth replacements can be provided.


In order to restore the chewing performance of your partially or edentulous jaw, we work with high-quality dental prosthetics:

Bridges (metal, ceramic, VMK)

Partial dentures (partial crowns, veneers)

Full dentures

Our prosthesis material consists of metal, ceramic, VMK, plastic, polyetheretherketone (PEEK) or zirconium dioxide.


We provide you with detailed and quality advice on the most suitable dental prosthesis solutions for your needs.



We accompany you from the planning of your dental implant to the implementation of your artificial tooth root individually and based on the latest scientific findings.


We specialize in the following types of implants:

Single implant (screw with crown, bonding/cementation)

Dental implant as a bridge abutment

Locator care for toothlessness

We offer titanium, ceramic, and a titanium-zirconium alloy as implant surfaces.

We are happy to advise you!


Dental implants replace the tooth root on which a denture or a crown is attached and serve as a fully functional carrier of the denture. Artificial tooth roots are implanted in the jawbone and give, in addition to a new quality of life, safe wearing comfort, and attractive aesthetics.


Dentist anxiety is often conditioned and can have serious health and social consequences. Affected people typically show symptoms of a phobia or avoid preventive dentist appointments entirely. This can not only harm your teeth but also your psyche. A (psycho-) therapy to cope with this anxiety is therefore inevitable.


Our experienced team ensures a relaxed atmosphere by being patient and attentive with your treatment and well-being.


Empathy is crucial to us, so we provide longer treatment times as well as detailed explanations every step of the way. Please notify us about your dental anxiety when you register, so that we can examine and treat your oral cavity extremely gently.  However, cognitive-behavioral therapy or hypnosis therapy is the more effective method in the long term.



We can examine patients with restricted mobility at their homes. During our home visits, we mainly carry out the following treatments:

Routine checkups

Adjustment of your prosthesis in case of pressure points

Minor repairs to your dentures

Removal of tartar

Please find out in advance whether you are entitled to a home visit and its cost coverage by your health insurance company. You can find more information here: Additional dental care offers .


People with care needs or a disability may be entitled to a home visit, during which the dentist can examine the patient on-site thanks to the mobile treatment unit. Tooth-preserving measures and small dental treatments are possible. Dental health must not depend on the mobility of the patient!

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The doctor went to great lengths to ease my dental anxiety and explained every step of the treatment to me thoroughly!

Very warm atmosphere and a very gentle and kind dentist!

They really took their time in explaining the treatment steps in detail to me as a


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